For companies to get secure and stay secure, a permanent security component must be added to the mix. That security component is Razorpoint.

Mainstream network security providers are fine for organizations looking to “check the box.” Most can neutralize the average hacker and help organizationscomply with a security checklist. They apply their technologies and processes and fix the obvious problems. But these organizations usually are not suited to keep pace with the world’s most sophisticated cyber criminals. Razorpoint is.

Known in the industry as the proven security experts, Razorpoint analyzes networks with the same ingenuity and perspective as the world’s best cyber criminals, closing doorways that would otherwise enable sophisticated attackers.

The key to Razorpoint’s approach is knowledge. Over the past decade, Razorpoint’s security minds have developed a customized distributed attack network and a proprietary knowledgebase that provides an understanding both broad and deep, making it possible for the Razorpoint team to always understand and anticipate the most sophisticated cyber criminal activity.

No software or programmatic approach in the industry can duplicate Razorpoint’s real world expertise. By relying on more than a decade of research, profiling, and modeling, Razorpoint’s ability to anticipate cyber attack scenarios is unmatched in the industry. Razorpoint’s elite team of security experts prevent cyber attacks by anticipating criminal behaviors and actions, and identifying hidden vulnerabilities in organization’s networks.

Through a combination of proprietary knowledge and cutting edge tools and technology sets, Razorpoint helps security-minded organizations repel potentially lethal cyber threats that often elude mainstream network security providers.By providing a complete portfolio of advanced penetration testing, security assessments, network design and managed services, Razorpoint provides organizations with comprehensive network security protection.